About Familybytes

Connectedfamilybytes is a research blog designed to facilitate theoretical and methodological ideas generated by my PhD project. My research aims at understanding how technologies (mobile phones, Internet and television) are used in the home, and to investigate the dynamic interplay between family members and technology use in their everyday activities. The purpose of the blog is to share my thoughts, discoveries, challenges and pitfalls experienced during the research process. In doing so, I am hoping that the dialogue is interactive – and those of you that read my blog will be inspired to respond and provide useful and interesting feedback.


2 thoughts on “About Familybytes”

  1. Hi,
    I live in New Zealand and am planning to do my Masters next year in Wellington. I am looking at how Online Social Media is changing our psychoolgy of attachment. As with most studies relating to New Media I’m struggling to find academic references, simply because it is such a new field of research. I was wondering if you have any references that could help me that you are willing to share?

    1. Hi Meredith,
      I understand your struggle – it has taken me 2 years to search my way through the plethora of literature in media, communication and the changing environment, before I discovered anything more specialised in terms of family interactions, togetherness and psychological aspects. I can only recommend that you funnel your search – the way you have described your topic is very broad – attachment is a huge area in the psychology literature – what aspects of attachment do you want to focus on? I have had a quick look in my reference library and can provide some journal articles that might help you with your research. The beauty of exploring undiscovered territory is that you have actually found a gap to be mined! The downside is the lack of literature to help shape the research! Here are some links to journal articles that might be helpful:


      You might need to think about the context of attachment – within family, couples, child-parent etc – and the area of social media is broad too, what aspects are you considering? Hope this helps, let me know how you go!


      Yvonne Gora

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